Eri Cahyadi Wants Public Services in Surabaya to Be Complete in 7 Minutes! – Mayor of Surabaya Eri Cahyadi asked his staff to complete public services at the licensing office, kelurahan and kelurahan as much as possible in the shortest time or within 7 minutes.

“I ask the assistant and the regional secretary for every service in the kelurahan and sub-district as well as in the licensing office, later there will be an explanation of the duration,” said Mayor Eri Cahyadi when holding a meeting with residents at Surabaya City Hall, Saturday (2/2/2020). 7).

At that meeting, residents of Surabaya submitted various complaints, including problems with work, schools, some complained about the land, and some asked about service procedures at the Kelurahan and Subdistrict Offices.

The mayor who is familiarly called Cak Eri said that after the event, several residents also asked about administrative services in the sub-district. “It turned out that some of my friends (lurah and kelurahan) did not dare to issue land-related certificates. So it can’t be like that. If it’s basically a kretek book, then issue a certificate according to kretek. paper. There are also those who want to divorce but cannot change their ID cards,” said Eri.

Eri said that the complaint would be immediately resolved by the respective lurah and subdistrict heads after they were related to him. Likewise, the regional secretary (Sekda), assistants and regional heads (PD) who were present also accommodated citizen complaints submitted today.

For that, said Eri, later in each service office, the duration of management will be given, for example in managing population administration, the service must be served a maximum of 7 minutes and so on. “It’s the same with taking care of the deed of heirs after a few minutes, taking care of this and that in how many minutes so that later the satisfaction of community service will be known,” said Eri.

Cak Eri emphasized that the length of community service is related to licensing service performance contracts, sub-districts and lurahs, because in licensing service performance contracts, the sub-district and lurah must be able to provide certainty and solutions to residents. “So I can assess this resident’s drain, whether it is in accordance with what is written in the performance contract,” he said. (*)