Erratic Weather, Here’s a Tip to Keep Skin Healthy–In erratic weather conditions in Surabaya from morning to noon the sun was very hot, but suddenly it rained heavily in the afternoon. Well, situations like that can actually trigger dry skin. Here are tips to keep your skin cool and healthy from content creator from Surabaya Stefani Gabriela.

Met at the grand opening of Lunesse, Stefani Gabriela said, apart from diligently using complete skin care, don’t forget to keep it clean. After traveling, you must wash your face. Before going to bed, he suggests cleansing your face.

moisturizing skin care or soothing (moisturizing). This climate is prone to making the skin dehydrated,” said Stefani Gabriela, Saturday (28/1).

Even in cloudy and rainy conditions, said Stefani Gabriela, she never misses applying sunscreen. Apart from exposure to sunlight, according to him, exposure to gadget light also affects skin health. Especially the skin on the face.

Therefore, he continued, choose skin care that can protect the skin from exposure to gadgets. Talking about sunscreen, she revealed, she always reapply every three hours. Including when he was active in the room
“Even though exposure to sunlight enters the room through glass, for example. It’s still harmful to the skin,” said Stefani Gabriela

Besides routinely using various skin treatments, Stefani is also required to consume food and maintain adequate mineral water. In a day, he can spend more than two liters of water. For matters of food, he implements a system of 80 percent healthy food and 20 percent food according to his preferences.

Brand Manager Lunesse Erika Suhadi said, maintaining healthy skin can start early. For example teenagers. In unpredictable weather conditions, teenagers need to take care of skin barrier first.

“The first time using skin care, try to use a facial wash that doesn’t dry out the skin. Because teenagers often hold cellphones and use it regularly sunscreen special protection anti blue light,” said Erika Suhadi.