Facts about the discovery of the body of Eril Putra Ridwan Kamil

JawaPos.com – Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz alias Eril, the eldest son of the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil was found in a lifeless condition, at the Engehalde Dam, Aare River, Switzerland, on Wednesday (8/6) morning time local. Eril’s search took two weeks, since being swept away by the current of the Aare River, last Thursday (26/5).

Here are the facts about the discovery of the body of Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz alias Eril.

1. DNA match

Swiss police confirmed that Eril was found dead, after confirming his DNA with the family. The body found was confirmed by the Bern Police on Thursday (9/6) as the body of Eril.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Switzerland Muliaman Hadad explained that the Bern police received a report on the discovery of the body on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, shortly before 06:50 or 11:50 Indonesian time. Then the police carried out identification to match the DNA of the corpse.

“According to applicable procedures, the police forensics team identified and traced the DNA to ensure that the DNA was indeed Eril’s child,” Muliaman Hadad said in a virtual press conference, Thursday (9/6) yesterday.

Muliaman said, this news was officially delivered at 13:45 Swiss time on Thursday (9/6) through a written statement. Furthermore, the police submitted the file to the Bern court office as the party who has the right to decide on the handing over of the body to the family.

“About 2 hours ago, the court has authorized the family to hand it over to the family,” Muliaman said.

2. Found at Engehalde Dam

Eril’s body was found on Wednesday (8/6) morning local time at around 06:50 Swiss time, or 11:50 WIB. Police Headquarters (Police Headquarters) said Eril’s body was found by police sluice officers. This is after the National Police communicated with the Swiss Police.

“From communication with the local police, Eril’s body was found by the floodgate police,” said Head of Public Relations of the National Police Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo, Thursday (9/6).

Swiss police announced the discovery of a man’s body at the Engelharde floodgate. On the police.be.ch page which uses German, it is stated that the police have found the body of a man.

Police then carried out a forensic examination to confirm the identity of the man’s body. “From the forensic examination carried out, it is known that the body is an Indonesian citizen who has been missing in the Aare River since Thursday, May 26, 2022,” he added.

3. Eril’s Body Whole and Fragrant

Eril’s father, Ridwan Kamil reported that his eldest son’s condition still looks intact. According to Kang Emil, Ridwan Kamil’s nickname, explained that the cold Aare River and the lack of fauna made his eldest son’s body freeze, so it remained intact.

“The scientific explanation of why his body is intact, the Aare River which is as cold as a refrigerator and minimal fauna, makes his body half frozen so that it remains intact even though it is on the riverbed for 14 days,” said Emil.

Searching for Eril for two weeks paid off. Kang Emil said that his eldest son’s body still looked neat even though it had been at the bottom of the river for 14 days. In fact, it was also reported that his son’s body smelled like eucalyptus flowers.

“Masha Allah, even though it’s been 14 days his body is still intact, none of it is missing, his face is neat looking to the right and I testify, Eril’s body smells of eucalyptus leaves,” said Emil.

“A little miracle for which we are so grateful,” he continued.

Despite the grief, Emil and his family remained steadfast and unceasingly patient, even though Eril has now died from drowning in the Aare River.

“God Almighty, with Your permission, during 14 days in the Aare River, he really protected and sanctified his body and was in danger,” said Ridwan Kamil.

4. Eril’s family has calmed down

West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said the body of Eril or Emmiril Khan Mumtadz would be buried on Monday (13/7). The number one person in West Java is grateful that finally the body of his eldest son was found.

“Eril’s body, God willing, will return to the country on Sunday and be buried on Monday,” wrote Ridwan Kamil through his Instagram account, Thursday (9/6).

Ridwan Kamil also expressed his gratitude for the discovery of Eril’s body and thanked all parties. Especially to the Indonesian Embassy in Switzerland and the Police of the City of Bern, Switzerland who continue to search for Eril’s body.

“Alhamdulillah, O Allah, our prayer request has been granted, the body of Emmiril Khan Mumtadz has been found. Thank you to the Indonesian Embassy in Switzerland and the Bern Police/City Government for their hard work,” he added

Even though Eril was found dead, Ridwan Kamil said he was grateful to see Eril’s body. “Jazakallah to all those who have helped in the search and to those who sincerely pray for Eril, may Allah SWT repay all of his kindness,”

“Really God. We are calm now, You are truly the Most Gracious, Most Merciful and Most Answering to our prayers,” wrote the sentence at the end of the video.