Failing to Reach Annual Target, Ubisoft CEO Cuts His Own Salary – In the work ecosystem, leaders must be able to be role models for their employees. This is what Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot is trying to prove.

Quoted from The Gamer, because the company he leads failed to meet annual financial targets and performance, Guillemot graciously cut his own salary. Voluntarily, this high-ranking developer and game studio company chose to reduce his salary because his company’s financial performance failed to reach the target.

Guillemot is even rumored to have cut his own salary by up to 30 percent after the target of the Assassin’s Creed game development company was not achieved some time ago.

This is recorded in the Ubisoft Universal Registration Document. In his report, Guillemot will experience a salary cut of 30 percent this year, or USD 326 thousand, or around Rp. 4.8 billion.

This information is in the small print of the document. Interestingly, these records are tacitly described as either the chairman and CEO’s decision or Guillemot’s own decision.

“This is Yves Guillemot’s personal decision. He took this as the company had not yet achieved its financial targets which had been publicly communicated to the market,” a Ubisoft representative told Axios.

The pay cut came from Ubisoft missing its financial targets for the year, with operating profit down 14 percent and net bookings down 5 percent. Ubisoft stock has also lost nearly half of its value from around this time in 2020, the year Ubisoft was rocked by several sexual harassment scandals.

Although the scandal still haunts Ubisoft, the lack of game titles on the market has also worsened Ubisoft’s financial condition. However, Guillemot’s move was considered a wise decision and should be followed by his subordinates.