First Outside Europe, World Vespisti Grand Reunion Held in Bali – This will be a grand reunion for Vespa lovers from all over the world. Vespa World Days (VWD) will be held in Bali from today (9/6) to Sunday (12/6) on Peninsula Island, ITDC Nusa Dua area, Bali.

The President of the Dewata Scooter Club as the Management of VWD 2022, Ekayana said, the event is expected to set an extraordinary record. Among them, the first time held outside Europe. Second, followed by the most registered participants. He details the participants who are officially registered 9,500-10,000 people. The amount could be much larger because the committee also provides a place for veterinarians who have not registered to continue to participate in the event.

Among the 10 thousand official participants, 300 people came from abroad, representing 15 countries. The rest comes from within the country. “For now, we cannot estimate (the total does not include registered participants). However, seeing the enthusiasm after holding the National Conference in Surabaya, there may be an additional 3-4 thousand people. So the total could reach 13,000 people,” he explained when met after the Bali Police had prepared security personnel at ITDC Central Park The Nusa Dua yesterday (8/6).

Deployed VWD 2022 security readiness troops at Central Park ITDC Nusa Dua yesterday (8/6). (BALI EXPRESS)

Some delegates cannot be accommodated because registration has closed. It happened after the committee adjusted to the capacity of the location. Even so, his party could not forbid Vespsti to come for a tour. To avoid crowds and disturbances at the main location of the event, the committee provides a camping ground at Pandawa Beach to accommodate delegates or participants who are not registered.

In addition, during the VWD implementation, a Vespa museum will be opened at the Bali Collection which will display about 60 antique and rare Vespa units. In fact, the collection is claimed to be exhibited for the first time.

Bali Polda Karo Ops Kombespol Firman Nainggolan in his speech said that his party fully supports VWD’s performance. The Regional Police will deploy 300 personnel to secure the activity.