Floods in Seoul, 36,399 Indonesians are safe

Vehicle damaged on pavement after washing in flood and rain Heavy rain in Seoul, South Korea, Tuesday, August 9, 2022. Heavy rain has been pouring down the South Korean capital since Monday evening. F Ahn Yong Jun via AP

batampos – The Indonesian Embassy in Seoul, South Korea released that there were no Indonesian citizens (WNI) who were affected and became victims of floods that hit the nation’s capital, Tuesday (9/8). /2022). ).

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, floods, eight people died

“Until now, no Indonesian citizens have been directly affected by the flood disaster in Seoul,” said the Directorate of Protection for Indonesian Citizens and Indonesian Legal Entities at the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, citing a spokesman for the Indonesian Embassy in Seoul. today.

Disaster floods hit South Korea with a number of areas affected, including Incheon Province, Seoul, as well as parts of Gyeonggi and Gangwon Province.

The Indonesian Embassy in Seoul has coordinated with local authorities and contacted the Indonesian community node in South Korea.

Based on data from the Indonesian Embassy in Seoul, there are 36,399 Indonesian citizens living in South Korea.

Regarding the flood conditions in South Korea, Indonesian people in South Korea are asked to continue to monitor information and directions from local authorities.

For Indonesian citizens in South Korea who need further information or assistance, please contact the hotline of the Indonesian Embassy in Seoul at +82 10-5394-2546.

Previously, at least eight people were killed and six others missing due to flooding in Seoul, South Korea, after heavy rains flushed the South Korean capital since Monday (8/8/2022) last night. (*)

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