From the 3M Field to Maintain the Reliability of Central Java and East Java Gas Services – Subholding Gas Pertamina Group in this case PT PGN Tbk and PT Pertagas Niaga signed a Gas Sale and Purchase Agreement (KB) with Husky-CNOOC Madura Limited (HCML). Namely the distribution of gas from the MDA-MBH-MDK (3M) field developed by HCML.

The 3M Field itself is expected to start producing in the third week of October 2022. PGN welcomes HCML in developing the 3M Field with a distribution plan of 5 to 25 MMSCFD.

The distribution of gas from the 3M Field HCML is expected to meet the gas needs of customers in East Java. At the same time increasing the reliability of PGN’s services to natural gas users in East Java, Central Java, and the surrounding areas.

President Director of PT PGN Tbk M. Haryo Yunianto hopes that this collaboration can create shared value, and PGN Group can start operations soon. The market is not only in East Java, but all over the world.

“Hopefully we can seize this opportunity and we will carry out several technology and market developments so that existing sources can be supplied throughout the world,” he said during the signing of the KB with HCML, Friday (21/10).

On the same occasion, PGN’s Director of Strategy and Business Development Heru Setiawan stated that in this Joint Agreement, the Subholding Gas Group becomes a multibuyer and is ready to support HCML in the utilization of natural gas in the 3M Field. According to Heru, what was done today is an important and significant step in efforts to distribute natural gas to Indonesia.

PGN and HCML have also collaborated in distributing natural gas from the BD Field in East Java to meet natural gas needs for PGN customers in East Java since 2017. PGN’s land is not only in Central Java and East Java,” said Heru. .

Pertagas Niaga Director of Finance & General Affairs, Bondan Christiandinata added, this collaboration with HCML adds to Pertagas Niaga’s optimism to increase its contribution in meeting gas needs, especially in the energy transition era. “This is in line with the shared commitment to realizing equitable distribution and security of environmentally friendly energy in Indonesia,” he added

HCML Executive Manager Wahyudin Sunarya also welcomed the agreement to utilize the 3M Field with PGN. According to him, currently the oil and gas sector is in good momentum for investment and the field economy is very good for rebuilding.

“We see PGN as a strategic partner and in our first field, BD Field, PGN has used it. Today is a milestone, gas from 3M Field HCML can be distributed to PGN. Hopefully this collaboration will last and go international because HCML is spread all over the world, so it can be an opportunity for PGN to go international,” said Wahyudin.