FTHMI Subang’s Firm Statement After Private Madrasah Teachers were Rejected by the Ministry of Religion in PPPK Recruitment

JABARNEWS │ SUBANG – The Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) officially announced the results of the administrative selection of candidates for Civil Servants in the 2023 Cooperation Agreement (PPPK) on January 15, 2023 yesterday.

From these results, as many as 224,000 registered registrants, around 175,000 participants were declared ineligible (TMS).

Various notes emerged after the Ministry of Religion announced the results of PPPK administrative selection with number: P.044/31/B.11.27/KP.00.1/01/2023.

The Indonesian Madrasah Honorary Staff Forum (FTHMI) of Subang Regency assessed that applicants who did not pass or did not meet the requirements (TMS) were those who registered from private madrasahs.

In addition, general non-employee applicants from the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) were declared ineligible. Whereas in the previous announcement, registration was opened for the general category.