Ganjar Confirms the Conditions of Indonesian Citizens Victims of Captivity in Cambodia–The Governor of Central Java confirmed online the condition of dozens of Indonesian citizens (WNI) suspected of being victims of work fraud and being held captive in Cambodia.

“I have had a video call with them, I see. All are in good condition, but there is one who is sick,” said Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo as quoted by Antara in Semarang, Friday (29/7). .

From the results of the direct examination, Ganjar said the situation was quite good after seeing one by one the faces and conditions of Indonesian citizens. “I confirmed there, actually not in captivity and I saw her face. Nothing, sorry, mistress (act) it no exists. That someone who is sick is still working and so on, that’s what I asked for assessment,” said Ganjar.

Ganjar ordered the Manpower and Transmigration Office of Central Java Province to be proactive and directly check the condition of Indonesian citizens. “Yesterday I said it would still be investigated, I said no, told me to come down to the location, said check what happened when we did backup to secure it, ” said Ganjar.

In addition, the governor coordinates with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) to establish relationships with related companies. “With the Indonesian Embassy, ​​we asked to check the location, to communicate with the company,” said Ganjar.

He hopes that the migrant workers who are victims can be immediately rescued and returned to Indonesia because similar cases have occurred. “Some time ago there was an incident like this, also there (Cambodia), and it has been returned, withdrawn again,” said Ganjar.

Ganjar appealed to the public, especially residents of Central Java who want to work abroad, to follow all processes according to procedures so that similar cases do not happen again. “I ask anyone who wants to work abroad to follow the rules so we can monitor them, if they don’t comply with the rules, what happens will be beyond what you think,” said Ganjar.
Previously, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo responded quickly to complaints related to the alleged confinement of dozens of Indonesian citizens in Cambodia. Through the Instagram social media account @ganjar_pranowo which was accessed in Semarang, Wednesday (27/7), Ganjar ordered the Manpower and Transmigration Office of Central Java Province to check.

Based on temporary data, there are residents of Central Java who are victims of alleged confinement, there are at least 10 residents from Central Java who are members of the group.