Ganjar Says Kang Emil Was Unsteady when Eril’s Body Was Not Found – Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo visited the funeral home of Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz alias Eril at Pakuan Building, Bandung, West Java, Sunday (12/6) night. According to Ganjar, Ridwan Kamil was shaken when his son’s body was not found.

During two weeks of searching, Eril who was swept away by the current in the Aare River, Switzerland, Thursday (26/5) was found. Eril’s body was found at the Engehalde Dam, Wednesday (8/6).

“Kang Emil said, Mas Ganjar at that time I was very happy because for two weeks my mind was turbulent, because there was never any certainty. Can my dear son be found and convey how happy I am to say that,” said Ganjar at the Pakuan Building.

According to Ganjar, even though he is known by the name Ridwan Kamil, Kang Emil is happy that his eldest son has been found. However, her face still looks sad.

“See the look on his face that is very sad, but the story is full of bodies, the smell of aroma that appears, looking to the right with a fresh face, God willing, shows the process of goodness while in the world helping. many people,” said Ganjar.


Ganjar revealed, Ridwan Kamil said that his son often helps people who can’t afford it. The story was revealed by Kang Emil while talking to Ganjar.

“Kang Emil said, something that was never told was revealed suddenly appeared and something like that happened to Ananda who was told that people around him often died, please help and that’s how the story emerged,” said Ganjar. p>

As is known, Eril’s body was found after two weeks of searching, because it drowned in the Aare River, Switzerland, last Thursday (26/5). Eril’s body was found by an elementary school teacher named Geraldine Beldi on Wednesday (8/6).

Eril’s body was found after an intensive search by Swiss authorities. Various methods were used to find Eril, until it finally came to fruition.