Ganjar Says There is an Effort to Fight Against the Jokowi Issue PDIP General Chair–Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle politician who is also the Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo said there was an attempt to argue within the party bearing the white-nosed bull symbol. about Joko Widodo’s support to advance to become the General Chair of PDIP. in 2024.

“I ask all parties to be aware of the existence of stowaways who want to create disharmony in relations within the PDIP environment. So that no one takes actions that damage someone’s good name,” said Ganjar as quoted from Antara in Semarang, Sunday (30/10).

According to Ganjar, he and President Jokowi are people from political parties who understand the rules and relations in political parties. “(Jokowi Ketum PDIP’s idea) is the stupidity and imagination of someone who doesn’t understand the rules in PDI-P, who doesn’t understand the relationship between us within the party, and is very reckless,” said Ganjar.
Regarding the succession of general chairman, he continued, the party congress had already arranged it so that Jokowi’s idea to take the leadership role of PDIP was not right. Ganjar invites all supporters of President Jokowi to fight the issue, so it doesn’t become a wild ball.

“I think things like this need to be looked at, whether it’s a personal idea or someone’s call. Those of us who have supported Jokowi from the start in the government must immediately fight people like this so that they are not provoked by situations that pit one another against one another, ‘ said Ganjar.

Ganjar assesses that the nuances of stowaways and fighting can also be smelled in the incident some time ago. At that time, a group of people claiming to be Ganjar volunteers urged the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to investigate DPR Speaker Puan Maharani regarding the electronic ID card case.

Ganjar requested that each volunteer not use dirty political strategies, especially ahead of the 2024 democratic party. “I want to convey volunteers or anyone else, one so as not to vilify people, two not to discredit people, three also not to discredit people, parties,” said Ganjar.