Gay couple mutilation victim, left leg found in Cimanceuri river – The Bogor Police, West Java, found a body part in the form of a left leg that allegedly belonged to a mutilation victim whose body was found in a red suitcase, in Singabangsa Village, Tenjo, Bogor Regency. p>

“Has been found a human body, which is known to be the left leg. It is suspected that it is the remains of a mutilated corpse from the corpse in the suitcase,” said Head of Public Relations Bogor Police, Iptu Desi Triana in Cibinong, Bogor, Sunday (19/ 3).

Iptu Desi also said that body parts were found in the Cimanceuri River, Tigaraksa, Tangerang Regency, Banten, on Saturday (18/3) afternoon by the local community.

“Kapolsek Tenjo is coordinating to evacuate the body. The Bogor Police Inafis Team has confirmed that it is true that the left leg was cut off and it is suspected that the leg has been sought all this time,” he said.

Desi also explained that the severed left leg was immediately taken to the Kramat Jati Police Hospital for further examination.

Previously, Bogor Police Chief AKBP Iman Imanuddin, Saturday (18/3) revealed the case of finding pieces of a human body or bodies in a red suitcase in Singabangsa Village, Tenjo, Bogor, Wednesday (15/3) with the suspect having the initials DA (35).

“Starting with the discovery of a red suitcase which at that time went viral, with contents inside a human corpse without a head and without legs,” said faith.

According to him, the day after the discovery of the body, the Mobile Investigation Team (Resmob) and the Indonesian Automatic Fingerprint Identification System Team (Inafis) managed to identify the male victim with the initials R (43) and the male suspect with the initials DA.

“After being identified, the Resmob Team chased the perpetrators. On Friday the perpetrators were arrested in Jogjakarta, after our team gave chase from the Tangerang area,” he explained.

Iman explained, although it was suspected that the motive for the murder was carried out by the Prosecutor due to an argument with the victim.

This was because the suspects DA and R, who had been living together for about four months in an apartment in Cisauk, Tangerang Regency, had an argument so DA killed R using a sharp weapon in the form of a kitchen knife.


“The suspect argued because the victim asked him to do a handjob. There are arguments, but we are still investigating,” said Iman

Then, said Iman, DA tried to mutilate him using a grinding machine. DA separated R’s body by cutting off his head and both legs.

“Because there was a feeling of fear to remove the body, the suspect then used a grinding machine to cut off his legs and head,” said Iman.

Then, the DA disposed of the victim’s head and legs along with the grinding tool in the Cimanceuri River, Tangerang. Meanwhile, the victim’s body parts were put in a red suitcase and disposed of in Singabangsa Village, Tenjo District, Bogor.

“We also received a report from the toll road officer that clothes and bed linen and other wrapping equipment were thrown away at the Cikupa Toll Road, and they have been found, currently they have been secured by the Tenjo Police and are on their way to the Bogor Police,” he explained.

Now, DA has been named a suspect in murder and premeditated murder under Articles 338 and 340 of the Criminal Code with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment and/or death penalty.