Get acquainted with the features in the MID Ertiga Hybrid, There are Nine Modes – The All New Ertiga Hybrid was just launched last June. As the first electric MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) in Indonesia, the All New Ertiga Hybrid is equipped with an informative and functional MID (Multi Information Display).

The MID itself is located in the Instrument Cluster and can display nine different information modes to make it easier for the driver to monitor the condition of the vehicle. According to Yulius Purwanto, Head of 4W Product Development at PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS), 9 different pieces of information can be selected according to individual needs.

“For the All New Ertiga Hybrid, we have updated the Instrument Cluster section and also the MID. Through the MID behind the wheel, consumers can get a lot of information according to their needs, such as Smart Hybrid electrical energy, fuel consumption, and car movement. The MID design is also made with a more attractive and informative appearance,” explained Yulius through his statement.

Information on the MID All New Ertiga Hybrid is divided into five displays, namely the clock display, the outside temperature thermometer display, the main information display, the transmission position display/transmission gearshift instructions, and the odometer/mileage display. In the main Information view, riders can choose from nine informative display modes with different uses.

In the first mode, the driver can see instant fuel consumption, average fuel consumption and mileage. In the second mode, instant fuel consumption and average fuel consumption per last 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes will be displayed.

In the third mode, you can see the average speed while driving, the average speed per last 5 and 10 minutes, and the total duration of the last driving. In the fourth mode, the driver can find out how long the total stop time is in the engine stop condition and how much fuel is saved during the engine stop.

In the fifth mode, there is an easy-to-read time and date display.
In the sixth mode, Suzuki completes the actual vehicle movement information from the imaginary position of the center of gravity that can be used to monitor driving style.

While in the seventh mode, a visual graph will be displayed of the torque and power generated by the engine when it is operated. In the eighth mode, you can see the graph of acceleration and deceleration while driving.

Finally, in the ninth mode, the energy flow that is channeled to the wheels and stored in the Lithium-ion battery can be seen clearly. In addition, the driver can also find out how much electrical power capacity is stored in the battery. The MID screen can also be set to blank without any information display, if the driver wants to focus on driving without being distracted by various information.