Gus Halim: TTG Becomes One of the Achievements of the Village SDGs – Minister of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (Mendes PDTT) Abdul Halim Iskandar stated that appropriate technology is an important variable to increase the productivity of villagers.

In the direction of village development policies, the development and use of appropriate technology is the achievement of the 9th Village SDGs goals, namely infrastructure and innovation as needed.

Gus Halim, Abdul Halim Iskandar’s nickname, revealed this in the XXIII Archipelago Appropriate Technology Degree in Cirebon Regency, West Java. Mendes PDTT was present with Wamendes PDTT Budi Arie Setiadi.

“Village Funds have also been utilized as much as possible for appropriate technology,” said Gus Halim, Wednesday (19/10/2022).

Gus Halim explained, from 2015 to 2022 the number of appropriate technology tools (TTG) in the village for agriculture was 909,900 tools, livestock 653,908 tools, and fisheries 450,466 tools.

Because with appropriate technology, villages report that they have succeeded in increasing the productivity of the agricultural, fishery, and livestock economic sectors.

“Appropriate technology is an important variable to increase the productivity of the villagers, therefore the right technology is one way to improve the quality of life of the villagers,” said the minister who received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa from UNY.

Gus Halim said, in accordance with the Village Law Number 6 of 2014 the village head in carrying out the duties of village government, village development, community development, and village community empowerment, the village head must use appropriate technology. .

In addition, the development and use of appropriate technology must be considered when the village government sets program priorities, village development activities in village deliberations.

“Development in rural areas must be pursued by developing and utilizing appropriate technology. This is in accordance with Article 83 paragraph 3,” said Gus Halim

To note, since 1999 the Archipelago Appropriate Technology Degree is held regularly every year. This event showcases appropriate technology from the best villages in each province. This activity is competed in stages starting at the district/city, provincial, and national levels.

The XXIII Archipelago Appropriate Technology Degree is the culmination of a series of competitions that have been held previously.

This activity was attended by 52 inventors consisting of TTG Innovation with 20 innovators, TTG Leading with 19 innovators, and Excellent Village Posyantek with 13 Posyantek.

Gus Halim and Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum presented awards and prizes to the winners of three categories in Appropriate Technology XXIII.

The winner of the TTG Innovation Competition is Gede Suardita from Bali with the invention of Internet of Things (IoT) based fertigasu.

While the winner of the Top TTG Competition is Heri Irawan from Lampung with the invention of a flour machine and a versatile chopper.

Meanwhile, the winner of the Superior Village Posyantek Competition was won by the Mandiri Jaya Posyantek, Balingbing Village, West Java.

Also present at the XXIII Archipelago Appropriate Technology Title, Secretary General of the Ministry of Villages PDTT Taufik Madjid, regional heads throughout Indonesia, high-level and key officials at the Ministry of Villages, Heads of PMD Services throughout Indonesia, village officials, village heads and village assistants

Gus Halim: Appropriate Technology Increases Village Productivity