Head of BP Batam Receives Bintang Bhakti Tri Dharma Nararya Award

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The Head of the Indonesian National Police, Retired Police General Bambang Hendarso Danuri gave the Bintang Bhakti Tri Dharma Nararya Award to the Head of BP Batam, Muhammad Rudi. Photo: BP Batam for Batam Pos

batampos – Head of BP Batam, Muhammad Rudi received the Appreciation Award in a series of celebrations for the 2022 National Police Retirement Association (PP Polri) Anniversary celebrations.< /p>

The award was given by the General Chairperson of the Indonesian National Police, Retired Police General Bambang Hendarso Danuri, Thursday (30/6/2022), at the Grand Ballroom of Tri Brata Building, South Jakarta.

Muhammad Rudi was awarded the Tri Dharma Nararya Bintang Bhakti Award, for his services in participating in the Guidance and Empowerment of the Police PP in Batam.

The award was pinned to him for his innovation and fighting spirit in the development of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, especially in Batam, Riau Islands.

The opening and remarks were delivered by the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo and followed by remarks from the General Chairperson of the Indonesian National Police, Police General Bambang Hendarso Danuri.

In his remarks, the Chief of the PP Polri expressed his gratitude to all the figures who succeeded in building and contributing to the implementation of the PP Polri duties in the community.

There are four national figures who received the Tri Dharma Nararya Bhakti Star and to the Head of BP Batam, the General Chairperson of the PP Polri expressed his gratitude for the real work of regional development and concern for the PP Polri. The four recipients of the award are Drs. Imam Sudjarwo, Mrs. Basaria Panjaitan, Muhammad Rudi and Edi Yosfi.

1. Komjen. Pol. (Ret.) Drs. Imam Sudjarwo, M.Si. is a high-ranking National Police officer and former Head of Mobile Brigade.
2. Inspector General. Pol. Basaria Panjaitan, S.H., M.H. is the first woman to be elected as a commissioner of the Corruption Eradication Commission of the Republic of Indonesia and has been a Deputy Chairperson of the KPK.
3. Head of BP Batam Muhammad Rudi, for the real work of development in Batam as well as concern and assistance to PP Polri in Batam.
4. Edi Yosfi, for his services in providing undergraduate scholarships to 30 members of the National Police in Central Kalimantan.

“Thanks to the Head of BP Batam, he is our proud alma mater who is currently leading and building Batam, he also contributed greatly in providing support for PP Polri in Batam.” said retired police general Bambang Hendarso.

He added, this appreciation is carried out through an evaluation and monitoring process, seeing actions, real works and social roles that have an impact on the wider community.

“We received various inputs, that Batam’s progress was extraordinary, improvements were made internally and externally, this policy had a positive impact on Batam. And we know that Batam has a big impact on the National because of its strategic location. And he (Muhammad Rudi) made policies that support him,” concluded the former National Police Chief from 2008 to 2010.

Meanwhile, the Head of BP Batam said that the spirit of retirees deserves to be followed, a fighting spirit that never stops and knows no age limit.

“A spirit that keeps burning, lives on and never grows old. We must also interpret the spirit of building Batam in the same way, continue to fight for the progress of Batam,” he said after the event.

The head of BP Batam, Muhammad Rudi is a central figure for the development and progress of BP Batam. Serving as the head of BP Batam, he is like a captain who is responsible for all ships and guides the journey to dock at the destination, namely Batam to be superior and competitive.

The man who is also the Mayor of Batam continues to move with development innovations in infrastructure, both the development of land, sea and air transportation. His fighting power makes Batam’s investment faster even in the midst of the Covid pandemic.

The achievement of Batam City’s economic growth of 4.75 percent is even higher than the national economic growth of 3.69 percent and the Riau Islands (Kepri) of 3.43 percent in 2021.

Towards a Golden Indonesia 2025, Muhammad Rudi hopes that his efforts to build Batam can contribute to the national economic growth rating which is currently still at 3.5 percent.