Hey Men, Here Are Women’s “G-spot” Points

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batampos – Grafenberg spot or G-spot which when stimulated is believed to give women pleasure during sex.

“Some are on the cervix, in the breasts, in the vagina. But 70 percent are between 11-12 (night),” said obstetrician Dr. Boyke Dian Nugraha, SpOG, MARS at a press conference in Jakarta, Thursday (11/8).
The G-spot is an area in women that is very sensitive during sex. Boyke said her vagina was in the upper third.

Men need to estimate this accurately to avoid pain for women.

“So don’t go too deep into his hands, we look for the top third, then we feel like a coin, the Rp100 coin is not deep, it can’t be too hard, it can’t be too tight,” explained Boyke.

According to Boyke, about 70 percent of women have a G-spot. But many of them don’t know where it is, so they need to find it.

He added, like men, women also need to get satisfaction during sexual intercourse.

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“Being a man now is also not easy, plus the stress due to work, the pandemic, lack of exercise, generally today’s men are slow,” said Boyke.

On that occasion, Vice President of Healthy and Harmonious Indonesian Women (WISH) Dhila said, currently there is a lifestyle called the hustle and bustle culture, namely pressure to work more and be busier than others, even considered normal.


This is partly driven by the high need for life, a work culture that has begun to shift from necessity to become a habit.

In fact, this lifestyle can have an impact on health, physically and mentally, which can lead to male vitality problems and other sexual problems.

According to him, due to fatigue and the many pressures of life, this often triggers a decrease in male sex drive. (*)

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