High Airline Ticket Prices, Fluctuating Hang Nadim Passengers

Hang Nadim Airport Batam 1 F Cecep MulyanaAtmosphere at Batam’s Hang Nadim Airport, Tuesday (17/5). F.Cecep Mulyana

batampos – Airfare prices since Lebaran seem reluctant to go down to the Lower Threshold. This can be seen from the online ticket sales page.

The Batam to Jakarta route is the cheapest ticket sold at a price of IDR 900 thousand to IDR 1 million. The Batam-Surabaya route is sold at a price of Rp. 1.3 million. The Batam to Pekanbaru route is sold for IDR 500 thousand. The Batam to Padang route is sold at a price range of IDR 500 thousand to IDR 700 thousand. The route from Batam to Medan is around Rp. 600 thousand. The Batam to Palembang route sells for around Rp. 600 thousand to Rp. 800 thousand.

The high ticket price doesn’t really affect passenger traffic at Hang Nadim Airport. General Manager of BUBU Hang Nadim Bambang Soepriono said that after Lebaran, passenger traffic tends to fluctuate.

“It’s not certain yet (because of ticket prices), because sometimes it goes up and sometimes it goes down,” said Bambang, Thursday (9/6).
He admitted that he could not predict the flow of passengers in the future. So far, when compared to when there is a need for PCR or antigen, Hang Nadim’s passengers are currently much more crowded. “Sometimes 10 thousand, sometimes 11 thousand, not sure,” said Bambang.

Based on data from Hang Nadim Airport management, 5,076 people arrived on June 1, and 4,523 people departed. On June 2, 6,273 passengers arrived and 5,266 people departed, on June 3 5,547 people arrived, and 4,806 people departed.

June 4, 6,133 people came, 4,523 people left. June 5, 6,321 people arrived, and 5,612 people left. June 6 6,125 people came and 4,867 people left. On June 7, 5,416 people came, 4,686 people left. June 8, 6,096 people came, 5,311 left.

“On average 38 flights arrive, 38 flights depart. There are a total of 76 flights every day,” said Bambang

Previously, Hang Nadim’s average number of flights was only 30 to 40 flights per day. Traveling within the country is getting easier, so many airlines activate flights that have not been used so far. (*)