High Commodity Prices Ahead of Eid al-Adha Makes Panic

Vegetable 1 F Cecep Mulyana
Residents complain that the price of basic necessities in Batam continues to creep up ahead of Lebaran. F.Cecep Mulyana

batampos – The price of basic necessities before the feast of sacrifice or Eid al-Adha makes people panic. The reason is, almost all commodities commonly used during Eid are still high, such as chili, shallots, potatoes, and eggs.

It was observed at the Batamcenter Botania Market, the price of chili was still around Rp. 100-120 thousand per kilogram. Even recently, the price of curly red chili rose to IDR 130 thousand per kg.

“Curly red chili rose again, so Rp 130 thousand per kg. Other chilies are still the same, such as devil chili for Rp. 120 thousand per kg, cayenne pepper Rp. 100 thousand per kg,” said trader Edi.

According to him, the high prices of a number of commodities made the sales of traders sluggish. Especially for chili, traders also don’t dare to stock up in large quantities, for fear of wilting and losing.

“Yes, we don’t dare to stock a lot. Chili prices are high, people’s purchasing power is down,” he said

Wirda, a resident of Batamcenter, admitted that she panicked in the face of the Eid al-Adha celebration. He is still thinking long about cooking during Eid, due to skyrocketing commodity prices.

“Shopping for IDR 100 thousand can only get vegetables, even though the amount is small. How much does Eid al-Fitr cost, chili and onions are also expensive,” he explained
He hopes the government can hold a cheap market to overcome public panic. However, it turned out that the long-awaited cheap market was not held by the government.

“Amid these high prices, we hope. Market. But it turns out that until now there is no cheap market. I want Eid too,” he explained.

The same thing was said by Elin, a resident of Bengkong, who did not understand the increase in commodity prices. Especially if the salary that her husband usually receives per month is barely enough to live on. According to her, almost two weeks ago, she started routinely cooking instant noodles for her husband and children.

“Now the price is high. Confused what should I do. Lately, more often eat instant noodles. I really feel sorry for the children, what else can I do,” he said.

Some time ago, the Head of the Batam Industry and Trade Office, Gustian Riau, admitted that his party was still trying to establish cooperation with the government in producing regions. The goal is to get a low price. However, this collaboration is still in progress. (*)

Reporter : Yashinta