Holywings Basic Permit in Batam Not Complete

Officer checks Holywings business license Batam, Harborbay, Tuesday (28/6) afternoon. Photo: DPMPTSP for Batam Pos

batampos – Batam City Investment and One Stop Service (DPMPTSP) Office together with Batam City Industry and Trade Office (Diseprindag), Cipta Karya and Spatial Planning Office, and Batam City Satpol PP visited Holywings, Harborbay, Batuampar, Tuesday (28/6) afternoon.

This officer came to check and check the location’s business permit. The Head of Development and Environmental Licensing Division of Batam City DPMPTSP Teddy Nuh said, in checking the location of the Holywing Club and Holywings Bar Batam businesses, they already had a permit for the Entrepreneur’s Identification Number for Excisable Goods (NPPBKC).

“This means that this location already has a permit to sell mikol (alcoholic drinks) from Customs and Excise as well,” said Teddy at the location.

It’s just that, said Teddy, Holywings has not yet obtained a basic business license. However, Teddy is reluctant to reveal the type of business license.

“Other permits must be taken care of. If not taken care of, action can be taken,” he said

According to Teddy, this activity is a follow-up to activities in several other cities. It is known that in Jakarta, Holywings does not have a mikol sales license and a bar business license.

“Events outside Batam should not occur in Batam. Then immediately take care of it through OSS (Online Single Submission),” he said.

Meanwhile, Hollywings Batam Operations Manager, Aru Rahman confirmed that the business license had been checked.

Admittedly, so far there have been no problems with licensing. “We have full clearance for everything. No problem,” he said.

Mentioned that there is no basic permit, Aru admits that he will soon fulfill the permit.

“Nothing less. That’s progress. But for mikol there are already. That’s a problem outside Batam, and in Batam we are complete,” he said.

Aru also ensures that all Holywings Batam activities and operating hours continue to run normally. It is known, the famous band, Noah performed at Holywings on Tuesday (28/6) night.

“Everything is still running normally. Including Noah’s appearance,” he concluded.(*)

Reporter: Yofi Yuhendri