Honda e Electric Car Officially Launches with New Colors – This year (2022) Honda officially introduced a special edition of one of its electric cars, the Honda e, with a choice of new colors, namely; Premium Crystal Red. This compact electric car is equipped with new black 17” wheels and a special badge on the back of the car which is also black.
This model was introduced by Formula 1 racer who is also the 2021 world champion with Honda, namely Max Verstappen. This special edition Honda e is only sold for a limited time, only fifty units for the European market.

In an official statement by Honda Global, this electric car is a new generation made by Honda which is designed with a simple design. But focus on ease of use for the rider.

In accordance with current trends, Honda e also carries a distinctive style of modern urban society, supported by connectivity technology and dynamic driving performance.

On the dashboard, the Honda e has two large interconnected touch screens, to display various applications and entertainment services in a lounge-like setting.

Through this screen, drivers and passengers can enjoy a variety of applications and connectivity with the same comfort while driving, while stopping or while charging.

For information, the Honda e was first introduced to the world in a concept version under the name Honda urban EV Concept in 2017. Two years later, this model then appeared in a prototype version at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

After the Geneva show was finally shown in mass production at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, also marking the start of car sales in Europe.

Meanwhile, Honda e has also entered the Asian region. The Honda e debuted at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show before the electric car went on sale in Japan in early 2020.

This electric car also did not take long to get recognition from various institutions where in April 2020, Honda e received two awards at the same time from the most prestigious design award event in the world, namely the Red Dot Award.

In this event, Honda e won the “Red Dot: Best of the Best 2020” award for the car design category and “Red Dot 2020” for the Smart Products category.

Then in 2021, Honda e won other prestigious awards such as; The “German Car of the Year 2021” and “World Urban Car of the Year” awards at the 2021 World Car Awards.