Human and Goat Marriage, One Again Arrested, Nurhudi Returns to Absenteeism suspect in the case of blasphemy in the marriage ritual of a human and a goat, has been arrested. Saturday (16/7) night, it was the turn of the Gresik Police to arrest the suspect Sutrisna alias Krisna. In a strange wedding ritual on June 5, Krisna plays the village head.

Previously, Krisna underwent an examination at the Satreskrim Unit I. From Saturday afternoon until late at night. When examined to complete the BAP, Krisna was accompanied by his legal advisor wearing udeng. After hours, he was immediately taken to the Gresik Police Headquarters.

Krisna’s arrival is the second call. The first call on Wednesday (13/7), Krisna did not come because he was sick. “That’s right, after being investigated and the case transferred, suspect S (Sutrisna alias Krisna, ed) was immediately arrested,” said Head of the Gresik Police Criminal Investigation Unit Iptu Wahyu Rizki to the media crew, Sunday (17/7). ).

With Krisna’s detention, three suspects in the blasphemy case have been secured by the Gresik Police. Previously, Arif Syaifullah as the content owner and Syaiful Arif as the groom, had been detained since last Wednesday (13/7).
Meanwhile, the other suspect, Nurhudi Didin Arianto, was not called by the police again or was not present. The Gresik DPRD member from Nasdem is none other than the owner of Ki Ageng’s Holy Pesanggrahan in Jogodalu Village, Benjeng District. That’s where the ritual of the marriage of humans and goats is held.

Just like Krisna, the police summoned Nurhudi on Saturday (16/7). However, until the afternoon, representatives of the residents of the Benjeng-Balongpanggang Dapil did not come. “Regarding N (Nurhudi, ed), Monday (18/7) there will be a statement from his attorney,” said Wahyu.
If not present, he continued, his party will send a second summons. The letter will be sent to the person concerned Monday (18/7). “Given three days to come to the summons after the letter was given,” concluded the 2015 AKP alumnus.