Hurray! Ahead of Christmas and New Year, the Bocimi Toll Road Cigombong-Cibadak Toll Road Can Be Passed

JABARNEWS | SUKABUMI – The Sukabumi Police has confirmed that the Bocimi Toll Road from Cigombong, Bogor Regency to Cibadak, Sukabumi Regency can already be used during the celebration of Christmas 2022 and New Year 2023.

“We, together with officers from the Sukabumi Regency Transportation Service, saw firsthand the construction process of the 11.9 km Bocimi Cigombong-Cibadak Toll Road,” said Sukabumi Police Chief AKBP Dedy Dharmawansyah in Sukabumi, Saturday (10/30/2022).
“From the results of the review, we are optimistic that the road segment can be used during Christmas and New Year celebrations,” he added.

According to Dedy, the review of the construction of this toll road is to ensure the readiness of facilities and infrastructure during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Therefore, his party predicts that during the holiday season, the number of tourists who come to the Sukabumi Regency area, especially the jurisdiction of the Sukabumi Police, will increase significantly compared to last year.