Hurry up and check, BLT BBM in Bandung City has begun to be distributed

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – Head of the BLT Distribution Task Force for BBM Compensation at the Bandung Post Office, Doni Meilana, revealed that the process of distributing aid to residents of the City of Bandung has been carried out since last Thursday, September 8th. 2022 yesterday.

The amount of BLT BBM given is IDR 150,000 per month for four months from September to November which is carried out in two stages.

The first phase is held in September for IDR 300,000 (September and October). The second phase is planned to be carried out in November at a price of IDR 300,000 (November and December).

And get the Rp. 200,000 per KPM.

He said, on the first day of distribution, PT. Pos Kota Bandung has been distributed to 11,873 KPM in Bandung.

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