IDI Prepares Monkeypox Vaccination Recommendations

Archive – Monkeypox virus in undated micrographs. (ANTARA/Reuters/CDC/as)

batampos– The Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) has prepared recommendations to prevent the spread of monkeypox. IDI is also preparing recommendations for the implementation of monkeypox vaccination in Indonesia.

The Head of the Monkeypox PB IDI Task Force, Hanny Nilasari explained, the recommendation is being discussed in the consolidation discussion. It was the monkeypox task force management division that was tasked with doing that.

“There are two mechanisms for administering the monkeypox vaccine,” he said in a discussion with the media in Jakarta yesterday (26/8). First, administering the vaccine to people who already have a record of contact with monkeypox patients. Second, giving vaccines to people who are indicated to be exposed to monkeypox.

Outside this group, IDI also learned about giving monkeypox vaccine to health workers. So, when there is a monkeypox vaccination program later, the process will not be carried out in general like the current Covid-19 vaccination. However, only people who fall into the high-risk category get it.

“Because we know that monkeypox transmission must be in direct contact,” he explained. For this reason, PB IDI formed a group at high risk of contracting monkeypox. Including from health workers.

Hanny said, health workers are one example of a group that is included in the moderate risk category for monkeypox transmission. Because they have the potential to be in the same room with monkeypox patients.

This study, which is still being discussed by IDI, is in line with the statement of the Minister of Health, Budi Gunadi Sadikin. He said the monkeypox vaccination would not be carried out on all Indonesians like the Covid-19 vaccination

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“Because the segment is special, we continue to give it to those who have a greater chance of being affected,” Budi said at the Presidential Palace some time ago. Monkeypox vaccination is also prioritized for those who fall into the high risk category and have low immunity.

As is known, until now there is one confirmed patient of monkeypox in Indonesia. Then, there are 23 suspected patients. PB IDI hopes that the suspected patient will soon be confirmed negative for monkeypox. Meanwhile, at the global level, data as of August 25 stated that there were 46,724 monkeypox cases.(*)

reporter: jpgroup