I’m tired! Presenter Irfan Hakim Enters Hospital Because of Super Spicy Chips

JABARNEWS | JAKARTA – The famous presenter Irfan Hakim reportedly had to be rushed to the hospital, after fulfilling the challenge of consuming one chip chellenge or the hottest chip.

It started when the presenter Irfan Hakim invited Tanboy Kun or Bara into his YouTube channel, on that occasion a ‘crazy’ idea emerged to meet the challenge of eating chips that taste super spicy.

Unfortunately, after eating the chips, Irfan Hakim had to be rushed to the hospital to get treatment from the medical team.

Luckily, the Dandut Academy Indosiar presenter was able to get medical treatment quickly, until his condition gradually improved.

“So now I can speak here, but before that it was amazing.” said Irfan Hakim on his YouTube channel.

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