Imron Calls Data Validation a Poverty Problem in Cirebon Regency

JABARNEWS | CIREBON – Data validation is still an obstacle in alleviating poverty in Cirebon Regency.

Cirebon Regent Imron said this because the existing data did not match the conditions on the ground.

“The complaints that I have received so far are people who should not be able to get help and vice versa,” said Imron in Cirebon, Friday (22/7/2022).

According to Imron, the problem of poverty data is still the main focus of the Cirebon Regency Government, but poverty alleviation programs will be more difficult to achieve if the existing data are not in accordance with the field.

Moreover, he continued, many people in Cirebon Regency are less concerned with population data. In fact, the data can be a source of problems, especially if there is an assistance program from the government.

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