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Mitsubishi NEW Colt L300, the latest generation of the legendary SUPER pick-up model for the Indonesian market. f. dock. MMKSI

batampos – PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI), the official distributor of Mitsubishi passenger and light commercial vehicles in Indonesia from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), introduces the New Colt L300, a new generation of Mitsubishi Motors . the legendary “SUPER” pick-up model in Indonesia which has been known and has been a mainstay of Indonesian consumer business for generations since 1981, at a virtual event on 28 June 2022.

The launch of the NEW Colt L300 carries the tagline “5UPER Launch” which is in accordance with the reputation of the L300 which has been known to the public in Indonesia as a “SUPER pick-up hero” who has been present in Indonesia for a long time. than 40 years and have been business partners for generations. The presence of the latest generation model, the NEW Colt L300, is intended to strengthen the various advantages of the “pick-up champion” which has been the mainstay of the consumer business with five main advantages described by the acronym “SUPER”:

“S” stands for “Super Strong”. The NEW Colt L300 is a rugged commercial vehicle with legendary tough performance. Now the NEW Colt L300 is more powerful and equipped with a new 2,268 cc diesel engine model 4N14 – DOHC 4 Cylinder Inline, Direct Injection, Inter Cooler Common Rail Turbocharger, which produces 99.25 PS/3,500 RPM and 200 Nm/1,000 -3,500 torque. RPM about 40% higher than the previous model to support more payload and with more drag;
“U” for “Super Profit”.

The New Colt L300 now comes with a cargo size of 8% wider, or 200 mm longer to 2,630 mm, making it superior and profitable for entrepreneurs in terms of carrying capacity which is the main focus of pick-up vehicles.

In addition, the NEW Colt L300 also offers more efficient fuel consumption, both of which can maximize profits;
“P” for “Very easy to maintain”. Maintenance of the NEW Colt L300 model is very easy with a guarantee, as well as vehicle maintenance that can be carried out in more than 300 authorized workshops/ dealer networks, and the availability of spare parts at more than 3,500 spare parts outlets available throughout Indonesia.

With the ease of maintenance, availability of standard Mitsubishi authorized spare parts, and the durability of the vehicle as was known in previous generation models, the NEW Colt L300 also has product durability with a long service life. time period1;

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“E” for “Very Easy to use”. The refresh of the New Colt L300 is in terms of interior comfort, exterior appearance, and also the choice of variants. The superior features and comfort on the interior of the NEW Colt L300 are found in a spacious and spacious cabin; new speedometer design, new door handles and new speaker positions.

On the exterior, the NEW Colt L300 gets a fresh look with a new bumper design; and also a new grille design with a larger portion of chrome wrapping. There are two choices of NEW L300 variants, namely Pick-up Flat Deck and Cab Chassis which are flexible and can be adapted to the needs and business needs of consumers. The New Colt L300 also gets a change with a 100 mm higher cabin position, which provides a sense of security for consumers with better visibility. “R” for “Super Eco-Friendly”. The NEW Colt L300 is equipped with a 4N14 diesel engine with Euro-4 specification standards which produces more environmentally friendly emissions, and ensures more efficient fuel consumption.2 (*)

Reporter: JP Group