Introducing West Java Culture, Pamali Film Gets Appreciation

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – There are many ways and media to introduce West Java culture and tourism, including through horror films.

The Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java Province appreciates the film ‘Pamali’ made by director Bobby Prasetyo because the story and message of the film really elevates the culture and tourism of West Java.

“One of the channels is the film ‘Pamali’ which has been showing in cinemas for the past few days,” said Head of Marketing for the West Java Tourism and Culture Office, Chandrawulan, during a talk show for the film ‘Pamali’, at Gedung Sate, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung City, Sunday. (9/10/2022).

Pamali’s film takes the story of ‘pamali’ or taboos that have existed in Sundanese society for a long time. Pamali is an unwritten rule that cannot be broken. If violated, there will be disaster or bad luck.

In ancient Sundanese society, pamali were often used as a fortress to save nature, values, or social order. But in today’s modern society, pamali are often ignored.

“It is hoped that through this film, people can get to know more about the (culture) and natural beauty of West Java,” said Chandrawulan.

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