Invite Children Around to Find Targets, This Couple Steals Dozens of Motorbikes The couple’s track record in motor vehicle theft (curanmor) makes them shake their heads. Why not, in the last year ten crime scenes (TKP) have been targeted. The Gresik Police are still trying to uncover it.

The couple are EP and RE, from Lamongan. Both were arrested by Satreskrim Gresik Police, Thursday (16/2). “The modus operandi is to pretend to go for a walk, go around residential areas. It’s not uncommon for the two of them to take their children with them during the action,” said Kasatreskrim Gresik Police, Iptu Aldhino Prima Wirdhan.

This mode is used to disguise actions from the attention of citizens. As soon as they found the target motorbike to beat up, the couple who had been married for 11 years immediately played their respective roles. “EP runs the motor using the T button, while RE observes the surroundings,” said Aldhino.

From the results of interrogation, they confessed to having stolen motorbikes 10 times in the jurisdiction of Gresik. “The majority were carried out in Manyar, Shaman and Bungah Districts,” he said.

However, as cleverly as a squirrel jumps, one day it will surely fall too. That’s the action of the two. They were arrested at a boarding house in the Kedungdoro area, Surabaya. While being detained, the male suspect tried to escape. Because of that, the officers rewarded him with hot lead on his feet. “We were forced to take firm and measured action,” said the 2015 Police Academy alumnus

From their hands, continued Aldhino, officers secured several pieces of evidence. Among them, two motor units and a set of commonly used T-keys in action. “We also found a set of methamphetamine suction devices. Please take time for further development,” he said

In front of the officers, EP admitted to committing the crime of theft due to economic necessity. Each stolen motorbike is sold to collectors and buyers via social media. “The price is around IDR 2 million per motorcycle,” explained the 37-year-old man.