It’s amazing that the man admits that the prophet talks about good deeds and 7-layer heaven, this is what the police say

JABARNEWS | PROBOLINGGO – Residents of Probolinggu Regency were shocked by one of their residents who claimed to be a prophet. The 34-year-old man’s name is Nanang Zainudin.

Nanang’s confession as a prophet he conveyed through social media uploads, then circulated and became viral. In his upload on Nabi Nanang’s Facebook account, a resident of Kramat Hamlet, Wangkal Village, Gading District, Probolinggo, repeatedly claimed to be a prophet.

Upload Nanang’s facebook account. (photo: screenshot of nanang’s account)

This can be seen in one of Nanang’s Facebook account uploads. To convince others that he is a prophet, the residents of Probolinggo give their opinion about heaven and hell.

“Assalamualaikum wr wb. From Prophet Muhammad / Nabi Nanang, actually what makes Muslims who are Muslims go to heaven or hell is not their class,” Nanang wrote on his Facebook account named Nabi Nanang, Sunday (12/6/2022).
“But the good and bad deeds, if there are more bad deeds, they will be put into hell first, after that they will be entered into heaven according to their good deeds, while in heaven there are seven layers of Allahu aklam (only Allah knows best),” he continued.

Illustration of a false prophet. (photo: special)

Responding to the news, the police immediately moved quickly to follow up on Nanang Zainudin who claimed to be a prophet. From the results of the police examination, the man is suspected of having a mental disorder.

Head of Public Relations of the Probolinggo Police, Bripka Muhtar Yuliarto said his party had visited Nanang’s house in Kramat Hamlet, Wangkal Village, Gading District.

“The results of the examination revealed an acknowledgment from the family that Nanang had a mental disorder,” said Muhtar to detikJatim, Sunday (12/6/2022).
However, according to Muhtar, to confirm his mental condition, the police have also taken Nanang to undergo a psychiatric test at the hospital. This is to prove the relevant information.

“We’re going to do psychiatric tests at the mental hospital, really,” added Muhtar. (red)


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