It’s been a month that the price of chili in Batam has soared, shopping has become stressful

Red Chili Curly f Faith Wachyudi
Illustration. One of the traders raised curly red chilies. It is known that the price of chili is still above the price of beef. Photo: Dalil Harahap/Batam Pos

batampos – It’s been a month since the price of chili in Batam has soared. People began to panic, moreover a number of other commodities also rose.

In the Batam market, the price of chili for the type of curly red chili and red chili or devil’s chili is still sold at IDR 120-130 thousand per kilogram. However, the price of chili in the morning market is cheaper or 3000 Tos Match, around Rp. 90-110 thousand per kg.

“The difference is pretty good, IDR 20 thousand per kg. But unfortunately it’s far from where I live in Nongsa,” said Novi, a resident of Nongsa.

According to him, the price of chili this time is extraordinary, on par with the price of fresh beef. This of course makes people more confused.

“All types of chili are expensive, green chili is only Rp. 70 thousand per kg. Don’t let people get stressed while shopping,” he said

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Novi said, when he brought Rp. 100 thousand to the shop, it runs out only for one cooking. Whereas in the past Rp. 100 thousand could cook 2-3 times.

“Now it’s 100 thousand just for a side dish a day. Everything has gone up, onion Rp. 45 thousand, tomatoes also rose, already Rp. 20 thousand per kg. Catfish and catfish also went up. For a long time I was stressed when shopping,” he added.

At Pasar Botania Batamcenter, chili prices are monitored in the range of IDR 110-130 thousand per kg for red chilies. While green chili Rp. 80 thousand per kg and cayenne pepper Rp. 100 thousand per kg.

“The chili hasn’t gone down, it’s still high,” said Adi, one of the traders

He admitted, the price of fresh tomatoes also rose to Rp 22 thousand per kg, previously it was still Rp 15 thousand per kg. Likewise, Javanese shallots have reached IDR 50 thousand per kg from IDR 30 thousand per kg.

“Onions and tomatoes also went up,” he explained.

The Head of Industry and Trade of Batam City, Gustian Riau, said that he is still looking for a solution so that the chili that enters Batam is cheaper. However, because the producing regions that will cooperate have not yet harvested, they cannot provide cheaper chilies.

“Hopefully it can go down as soon as possible. After this Eid, hopefully everything will be back to normal. Cooperation is also smooth,” concluded Gustian. (*)

Reporter: Yashinta