Journalists Become Targets of Terror, Homemade Bombs Explode Not Far from Their Homes

JABARNEWS │ JAYAPURA – Terror acts have occurred again. This time the incident happened to a Jubi journalist named Victor Mambor on Monday (23/23/1/2023) early morning.

The founder of independent media Jubi said that an unknown person carried out a terrorist act by throwing an improvised bomb not far from his house in Angkasa Pura Village, Jayapura City.

In fact, said Victor, when the incident occurred around 04.20 WIB, the homemade bomb thrown by the perpetrator exploded right on the side of the road which was about three meters from the wall of his house.

Shortly before the explosion, according to Victor, when it happened he was sitting in the house. At that time he heard the sound of a motorcycle suddenly stopping in front of the house. Only a few moments later, the driver, whose identity has not yet been identified, immediately left the location.

But just moments later, Victor heard an explosion right in front of his house. The sound of the explosion shocked Victor and his family.

Even a number of residents in the housing complex also came out of their homes to check the location of the source of the explosion.

According to Victor, at first he thought the sound was coming from an exploding electrical substation. However, after being confirmed, the sound of the explosion came from an object thrown by a motorist.