Justify Goat Meat Can Increase Libido

Illustration of goat satai (ANTARA/freepik.com

batampos- Goat meat is often associated with male strength. “Goat meat is a source of protein, and a source of protein is needed to make us strong,” said clinical nutritionist from Medistra Hospital, dr. Cindiawaty J. Pudjiadi, MARS, MS, SP.GK when met in Central Jakarta, Thursday (29/9).

However, Cindy reminded that the source of protein does not only come from meat.

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Cindy then emphasized that protein can indeed help build muscle mass so that a person looks more energetic, but this condition cannot be obtained instantly.

“I think if you eat goat, everything goes up. Even though it takes a process and many influencing factors,” added Cindy.

Cindy explains some important substances such as zinc, magnesium, B12 and arginine if deficiency will be associated with erectile dysfunction. Goat meat besides being a source of protein also contains these important substances.

However, it’s not just goats that have nutrients to increase strength.

“So it’s not just the goat meat. The fulfillment process needs to be long term. So it’s not instant. It’s not like if we take strong drugs or those that have a direct effect. He needs a process,” said Cindy.

“By reducing body fat and eating a nutritionally complete and balanced diet, it will help increase strength. So it’s not necessarily eating goat meat, it’s effective immediately,” he added

Low cholesterol
In addition, the myth circulating about goat meat is believed to increase cholesterol. So, goat meat is generally avoided by people with cholesterol.

However, Cindy explained that goat meat actually has lower cholesterol levels than beef or lamb. Therefore, cholesterol sufferers are actually still allowed to eat goat meat.

Cindy said that as long as mutton-based food does not contain much oil, it is still considered safe. In addition, goat meat is a source of protein, vitamins and minerals

“There is fat, but it turns out that goat meat is lower in fat. Cholesterol is also lower when compared to beef and lamb,” he continued

Furthermore, Cindy explained, although it is still allowed to eat goat meat, people with cholesterol still have to pay attention to the meat processing process. Because, processing goat meat can affect a person’s cholesterol levels.

“There is no sin in the meat, it was misprocessed. The processing often adds a lot of coconut milk to make it delicious. So it is an additional sin. Is goat satay edible or not? You can as long as you don’t use fat. If you have high blood pressure, don’t ask for too much salt,” he concluded. (*)

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