Karangsong Beach, Unique Beach With The Largest Mangrove Forest Decoration In Indramayu

JABARNEWS | INDRAMAYUIndramayu is one of the districts in West Java Province with the capital city Indramayu.< / p>

The name Indramayu itself is taken from the beauty of the daughter of one of the founders of Indramayu named Nyi Endang Darma Ayu< /a>.

In Indramayu there is a water tourism called Karangsong Beach, this beach is always crowded with tourists who come from various regions.

Because it offers complete natural scenery, where the ocean waves blend with the dense mangrove forest.

Yes, in the Karangsong Beach area there is ecotourism in the form of mangrove forest areas or mangrove forests which are quite dense and become the habitat of various types of flora and fauna.

Seeing the beauty of Karangsong Beach through JMN Channel. (red)

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