KLHK Provide 148 Thousand Hectares of Forest in Riau Islands for Cultivation

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Illustration. Production forest and mangroves in Relang. Photo: Special

batampos – The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) provides 148,000 hectares of forest in the Riau Archipelago to be cultivated and accessed by the public. Forests can be used for tourism purposes, honey breeding, water treatment or other things that do not damage the forest.

“Everything can be used as social forestry,” said the Director of Environmental Partnerships PSKL (Social Forestry and Environmental Partnership) KLHK, Jo Kumala Dewi in the socialization of guidelines for the development of environmental partnerships and CSR in social forestry, at the Beverly Hotel, Wednesday (2/02/2011). 11/2022).

In Indonesia there are as many as 14 million hectares of forest that can be accessed through the Social Forestry route. However, in the Riau Archipelago there are only 148,000 hectares.

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“The access to social forestry has been around for 35 years,” said Jo.

There are several requirements that must be completed and the application is sent to KLHK, Jakarta. Jo said the permit was not granted over the land, but only for access.

“This policy is intended to provide space for small communities to use the forest,” said Jo.

This policy is also believed to be a solution to forest conflicts in Indonesia. Jo said that in Riau Islands, some forest areas have been accessed by the community.

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Head of the Center for Social Forestry and Environmental Partnerships (BPSKL) for the Sumatra region, PSKL KLHK, Apri Dwi Sumarah said this policy was in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Environment and Forestry Number P.09 of 2021 and PP 23 of 2021 regarding forestry operations.

“If conservation forest is used, the scheme used is a conservation partnership. If the forest is protected, this scheme is used as a forestry partnership. The same goes for production forests,” he said.

He said social forestry aims to increase the proportion of community management rights over forests.

This policy has an impact on improving social forestry business processes, community access to microfinance institutions, increasing community management capacity, economic development, forest product production centers, conflict reduction and forest sustainability.

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“In the future, it is hoped that domestic economic centers will develop and villages will become centers of forest product production. The goal is to absorb labor and alleviate poverty,” said Apri.

In the Riau Archipelago, there are currently 29 groups applying for access to social forestry and in Batam only 7 groups have applied for this access right, spread across Sekupang and Batuaji.

One of the social forestry locations used for tourism activities is Puncak Beliung in Tanjung Riau, Sekupang, Batam. This socialization invites representatives from local governments, companies, and the media.(*)

Reporter: Fiska Juanda