Kominfo recommends the best STB, these are the characteristics

JABARNEWS | CIANJUR – Digital TV Set Top Box (STB) recommended by the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information is a must-have, because there are regulations issued by the government regarding the obligation to use them in the current digitalization era. .

This was conveyed by the Head of Service (Kadis) through the Computer Information Japung Division at Diskominfo Cianjur Engkus, when contacted directly earlier at his desk, Friday (6/24/2022).

“Yes, of course, using digital TV requires an STB to run,” he said.

Because, he continued, STB has a function as a receiver or a means to convert television signals into images or sound and can be displayed on TV.

To get the best STB products, the RI Kominfo immediately recommends STB products, of course according to the standard.

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