Komnas HAM, Possible Perpetrators of the Murder of Brigadier J Not Only Bharada E

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – Komnas HAM chairman Ahmad Taufan Damanik said, Bharada E is not necessarily a full suspect for the death of Brigadier J because the evidence obtained has not been fully confirmed.

“I said that Richard (Bharada E) is not necessarily the culprit. So for the time being he has been named a suspect for his confession,” Taufan told reporters, Saturday (6/8/2022).

Taufan said that at the time of the incident there were no witnesses who clearly saw the shooting process. Another aide who was said to be at the location did not clearly see Bharada E’s whereabouts at the time of the incident.

“Riki he heard screams he came out of his room downstairs and he saw J point a gun up and shoot. But he didn’t see his Richard, that Bharada E. He didn’t see that person,” he explained.

“After the shootout he saw ‘oh that’s Richard’, ‘what’s up Richard?’ Richard just kept quiet,” he added.

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