Krisna Mukti Claims to be Appointed by a Party to Nyaleg in 2024 – After successfully becoming a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives for the 2014-2019 period, actor Krisna Mukti was challenged to re-run as a candidate for legislative members in the 2014 2024 legislative general election through a political party. Krisna Mukti’s desire to run for the legislature is directly proportional to the desire of the party where she belongs, namely the Nasdem Party.

He claimed to have been appointed by his party as a candidate for members of the legislature to compete for seats in the DPR RI in Senayan.

“The party I am currently in has asked me to run again as a member of the legislature from 2024-2029. But the electoral districts are far away, East Java I, Surabaya and Sidoarjo,” Krisna said when met in the Kebayoran Baru area, South Jakarta, Saturday (29/10).

Having experience leading the legislature and being a successful member of the DPR is certainly a distinct advantage for Krisna Mukti. At least he already knows what he has to do to win people’s hearts to be interested in voting for him.

“Bismillah, hopefully Allah will allow me again,” Krisna said hopefully.

Furthermore, Krisna admitted that he had started to get acquainted with the people in Surabaya and Sidoarjo. The goal is certainly not for the campaign because it’s not yet time for the campaign period.

Krisna Mukti deliberately came there with the aim of establishing a relationship. This is considered important to build an atmosphere of intimacy with the community.

“What can be accommodated from them and make their wishes come true. Thank God I have, hopefully people choose those who are experienced and God willing, I am amamah, “he said.

Krisna admitted that he was challenged to run again as a legislative candidate on the grounds of understanding the world of politics. In addition, he has a great desire to be able to become a useful person for many people through the battlefield in the political path.

“I was on the board, we were studying. Too bad if the knowledge is not used. I’m just going through my efforts, efforts, and prayers,” he said