Launches Human Security Book, CI Discusses Human Security – Centra Initiative (CI) launched a book entitled Human Security: Conception, Implementation, and Comparison of Other Countries. The book discusses human security in a number of countries, including Indonesia.

This is because human security or what is known as human security in Indonesia is a concept that has surfaced a lot. Human security puts forward an approach to the importance of protecting human security so that it is free from fear (freedom from fear) and free from squalor (freedom from want).

Chairman of the Governing Body of the Centra Initiative, Al Araf conceptually, human security is an alternative approach in many countries. The human security approach places non-military security actors playing a major role in dealing with various kinds of threats that occur.

“Civil institutions must be proactive in looking at various problems and threats to human security,” said Al Araf in a discussion and book launch at Sadjoe Cafe, Tebet, South Jakarta, Wednesday (23/11).

The human security approach, said Al Araf, is a complement to the security discourse which has so far been dominated by state security. So far, the state’s security approach in viewing security issues has often led to the excessive use of coercive force, resulting in violence and human rights violations, as happened in Papua.

“The concept of human security fills a void that can be placed as a complement to security theory,” he said.

He explained, human security enhances a security approach that is often repressive in nature. Human security complements development approaches that are vulnerable to external conditions, such as disasters, pandemics or large-scale conflicts.

“Human security complements the human rights approach which conceptually is often rejected by the state apparatus,” he said.

In Indonesia, not much is known about human security. It is only natural to be discussed in an academic space which is limited to international discussions. As a big concept that can answer the challenges of special situations, such as conflicts and even pandemics, human security is rarely considered.

The absence of a comprehensive reference on this matter may be one of the reasons. Therefore, the Centra Initiative views that the human security approach is relevant to be applied in Indonesia with the consideration that human security is more dominant in placing non-defense or military actors to enter the security area with a more humane approach.

This means, continued Al Araf, security issues are no longer a military area, but the needs of the people who must continue to be guarded and supervised.

“Human security places security studies on public property and not exclusively belonging to military or security actors, who often forget the principles of civil liberties, democracy and human rights,” he concluded.