Lestari: Controlled Covid-19 Makes Many Parties Relax

JawaPos.com – Deputy Speaker of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly, Lestari Moerdijat, said that suppressing the positive number of Covid-19 by breaking the chain of the spread of the virus is a task that must be done. must be done by every child of the nation.

“The data on the distribution of positive cases of Covid-19 which tends to increase at this time is not to build fear sentiment, but rather to be a guide for us to take the right steps, in the midst of increasing social activity and economic activity,” said Lestari Moerdijat when opening online discussion with the theme Anticipating the Rising Risk of the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic Ahead of the Year-End Holiday held by the 12 Denpasar Discussion Forum, Wednesday (16/11).

Lestari appreciates the efforts of the government and all elements of the nation in the last three years who have jointly been able to control the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

However, said Rerie who is familiarly called Lestari, conditions that are considered under control have made many parties neglect to implement health protocols in their activities.

“The wide space for people to move, the increased dynamics of travel both domestically and abroad, must be balanced with adaptation efforts through the implementation of adequate health protocols,” he said.

Furthermore, Rerie, who is also a member of Commission X DPR RI from the Electoral District II of Central Java, reminded the public and government not to ignore prevention rules and be tolerant without health protocols during a pandemic.

“The holiday season at the end of 2022 is the time the people have been waiting for. The government has so far proven able to control several spikes in cases during the pandemic,” said a member of the NasDem Upper House, Pesta.

Rerie also hopes that all parties can collaborate to make adequate preparations so that the spread of Covid-19 during the Christmas and New Year holidays can be controlled and together we can welcome a better 2023.

The chairman of the DPR’s Commission IX, Felly Estelita Runtuwene, also said the same thing. He admits that there is boredom in society in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. So that there has been an increase in the positive number of Covid-19 followed by an increase in the death rate which is very concerning.

“Therefore, input from experts will be urgently needed to mitigate threats and plan actions to address the potential spread of the XBB sub-variant Omicron during the Christmas and New Year holidays,” he said.

DPR Commission IX, said Felly, had also coordinated with the government to ensure readiness in dealing with the potential threat of a spike in cases after the Christmas and New Year holidays.

In addition, Felly added, efforts to continue to meet vaccination and booster targets in a number of areas must be carried out consistently by ensuring the availability of funds, vaccines, and health workers who implement them.

Responding to this, Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Handling Task Force, Wiku Adisasmito, revealed that the condition of achieving Covid-19 vaccination in Indonesia is not too bad when compared to the world average. It’s just that, said Wiku, the booster vaccine has only reached 24 percent of the set target.

In fact, continued Wiku, usually during the Christmas and New Year holidays there is a spike in cases due to increased movement of people. However, the Christmas and New Year holidays have not shown an increase in positive cases of Covid-19.

“This is homework for all of us,” he said

Therefore, Wiku appealed to the public to re-implement health protocols with discipline through the use of appropriate masks during the Christmas and New Year holidays to reduce the potential for a spike in cases.

“We must focus on efforts to break the chain of the spread of the virus. Because so far we have not been able to break the chain of transmission,” said Wiku

Meanwhile, the Advisory Council for the Task Force for Handling the Covid-19 of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI), Zubairi Djoerban revealed that positive cases of Covid-19 in a number of countries are currently experiencing an increase.
“Experience in handling the Covid-19 surge in previous years should be a lesson in handling the current positive cases of Covid-19,” he said.

Then whether Indonesia will face the 4th wave of Covid-19, according to Zubairi, this really depends on our readiness in prevention efforts.

“In my opinion, the re-enactment of a number of restriction policies and outreach through social media regarding new interaction norms during a pandemic is an important step to reduce the potential threat of the spread of Covid-19 during the year-end holidays,” he said.