Limit Sugar Consumption by Getting Used to Consuming Bland Flavors

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batampos-To reduce the risk of obesity and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, you can apply the habit of consuming laughter, such as regular drinks,

“It is important to educate from an early age because sweet is perception,” said the specialist in internal medicine, dr. Rudy Kurniawan, SpPD, DipTH, MM, MARS, Thursday (17/11).

Rudy explained that everyone has a different sensitivity threshold.

When someone often eats or sips sweet drinks, that person will get used to the sweet taste.

If offered food or drink that does not contain as much sugar as usual, a person will feel that the dish is not sweet enough.

On the other hand, someone who is used to bland tastes and rarely eats food or sips sweet drinks will be more sensitive when consuming something sweet. Even with a little sugar, the food will taste very sweet for people who are used to bland tastes

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Rudy invites the public to start providing education about healthy food from an early age so that children can choose the best food for their growth and development.

Good habits since childhood can continue into adulthood so that a healthy lifestyle is carried out consistently.

For people, especially pre-diabetic and diabetic groups who are used to sugar, Rudy suggests replacing sugar with alternative sweeteners that are low in calories.

In addition, people also need to balance it with regular physical activity, and limit consumption of sugar, salt and fat by paying attention to packaging labels before eating.

Excess sugar consumption contributes to high calorie intake which can increase diabetes. But that does not mean people should not consume sugar at all

The recommended daily sugar consumption is no more than 50 grams or four tablespoons.

However, an average of 5.5 percent of the population in Indonesia still consumes more than 50 grams of sugar per day. Generally sweet products that are usually consumed are packaged tea (13.26 percent), sweetened condensed milk (5.2 percent), and powdered fruit juice (4.82 percent).

Apart from being caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, diabetes can also be triggered by drugs such as steroids that change the condition of insulin in the body. Diabetes can also occur in women who are pregnant due to the influence of hormones that cause insulin resistance. (*)

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