Logitech Unveils New Signature Series Keyboard

JawaPos.com – Logitech Indonesia announced the release of the Logitech Signature K650 Wireless Comfort Keyboard. This keyboard is here to complete the ‘Signature Series’ line from Logitech, after previously launching the Logitech Signature M650 Wireless Mouse (a mouse that comes in two sizes, medium and large) in early 2022.

This keyboard provides a typing experience combined with easy controls and quality comfort, so you can achieve the best work performance.

According to Andi Irawan as Cluster Category Manager Personal Workspace from Logitech Indonesia, consumers hope to get the comfort they need for long hours in the workspace. In addition to comfort, of course you also want convenience in working.

“The Signature K650 is designed with features to ensure ultimate comfort and productivity. With improved hotkeys, integrated palm rest and soft keys, this keyboard is designed to handle all your daily needs while providing you with hours of comfort.” he added.

Earn more with less effort using improved shortcut keys, including a screenshot button to instantly capture important information and moments.

Mute and unmute buttons to mute and unmute your own voice in important video calls, and web navigation buttons to keep your web browser within easy reach with a single press – with buttons that can open or close tabs in your browser.

No matter what your desktop setup, no matter the platform, the Signature K650 works on almost any OS including Windows, macOS, Linux, ipadOS, iOS, Android, and is also Chromebook certified.

Available in graphite and off-white, the Signature K650 offers up to 36 months of battery life in a spill-resistant, easy-to-clean design. The Signature K650 Wireless Comfort Keyboard can be paired with the Signature M650 mouse for greater productivity.

Users of this device can download Logi Options+ Software to find a simple way to personalize your keyboard and mouse.

The plastic components in the Signature K650 include certified post-consumer recycled plastic – 28% for graphite and 21% for off-white – to provide a second, long-lasting consumer electronics plastic and help reduce carbon footprint.

The Signature K650 Wireless Comfort Keyboard’s carbon footprint has been reduced to zero. “That’s because apart from designing for sustainability, we also offset our residual impact by supporting forestry, renewable energy, and climate-affected communities,” concluded Andi.