Many Horrible Events, These Are The Most Mysterious Places in the World

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – Technology is developing so rapidly. With the help of technology, humans can easily reach locations that are quite far away, even difficult to reach. But apparently, there are still many places on this earth that have not been explored. Until now the location is still considered a mystery.

The names of some of these locations are familiar. But about what is in it, not many people know about it. For some people this place is very beautiful. Not infrequently who think it’s terrible.

It is considered mysterious and terrible, because it is not known how this happened in that place.

I wonder where it is? Here are 8 of the most mysterious places on earth that make you frown, reported from Thetravel:

Bermuda Triangle location, a location that is considered terrible. (photo: special)
  1. Waterfall of Blood,

Antarctica Antarctica is a destination that travelers must visit at least once. While this planet is not only known for its giant ice, snow, and large colonies of Penguins, it is also known for some very mysterious things.

Blood Falls is probably one of the weirdest. This gruesome sight is actually a huge waterfall rising from the ice and pouring into Lake Bonney. The blood-red color of the saltwater is attributed to the iron oxide present in the water, but it doesn’t make the scene any easier to see.

  1. The Crooked Forest, Poland

The Crooked Forest is a site of hundreds of trees in the shape of an upside-down question mark located near Gryfino. The sight alone made it look like a scene from a fantasy world and walking through the forest was scary.

While many things have been linked as the cause of this unique phenomenon, the true reason for this strange site remains largely unknown. The fact that all the trees bend in the same direction makes people curious about this strange forest.

Bermuda Triangle location, a location that is considered terrible. (photo: special)
  1. Gates of Hell, Turkmenistan

Many cultures and philosophies around the world believe in the existence of the underworld and although there are many places that are believed to be gateways to the underworld, the Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan are perhaps the most similar to this imaginary place.

This site also known as Darvaz Gas Crater is characterized by a continuously burning gas crater which is said to have been exposed during a Russian natural gas drilling project. This site is just one of many examples of mysterious sites created by human actions.

  1. Waterfall of Eternal Fire, New York

The Falls of Eternal Fire is a waterfall in West New York with a flame that keeps burning in a small cave under the splashing water. This mysterious phenomenon is said to have occurred due to the presence of natural gas in the cave which kept the fire burning.

While the fire remains burning most of the year, it can sometimes be extinguished after being rekindled by the next visitor. One can visit this mysterious attraction at Chestnut Ridge Park and there is much more to enjoy than just seeing the fire burning behind the falls.

Bermuda Triangle location, a location that is considered terrible. (photo: special)
  1. Puppet Island, Mexico City

Chuky is scary but when one tries to forget all the horrors, Island of Puppets makes it impossible to forget. Located on an island in the Xochimilco district, this location is filled with spooky and scary scenes but the scariest part is the story that surrounds the area.

According to the story, a man living on the island started hanging a doll from a tree after he found the body of a young girl drowned in the water nearby. The story tells that his actions are motivated by a ghost that haunts a young girl. The hanging of the dolls becomes even more intense after the dolls start appearing mysteriously around the island.

  1. Bermuda Triangle

If there’s one place that combines mystery with extreme danger, it’s the Bermuda Triangle. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, bordered by Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, this mysterious place also known as the Devil’s Triangle is believed to have swallowed hundreds of ships and even planes without a trace anywhere. This makes the triangle look like a link to some kind of hidden world that has yet to be discovered by humans.

One theory behind the mysterious disappearance of ships in this triangle is that evil waves strong enough to destroy ships often occur there. While this theory may be accepted by many, it does not explain how planes flying over the area mysteriously disappeared without sending a distress call or how traces of the missing ship could not be found anywhere after an extensive search.

Bermuda Triangle location, a location that is considered terrible. (photo: special)
  1. Lake Hillier, Australia

Lake Hillier is one of the few places in the world that is both mysterious and beautiful. The lake is located beside the Pacific Ocean on Australia’s Central Island and the water is characterized by a beautiful pink color that makes it stand out from the blue ocean and the surrounding vegetation.

The cause of this unique chewing gum-like color is still largely unknown but there are many theories surrounding it. The most widely accepted theory is that the saltwater lake acquires its unique coloration as a result of the presence of an organism called Dunaliella Salina. Maybe some things should be enjoyed rather than understood.

  1. Aokighara Forest, Japan

There are so many mysterious things about Japan, but Aokighara Forest is the weirdest. For several years, this forest was known for one thing – suicide; that’s why it’s now nicknamed – Suicide Forest.

It is estimated that more than a hundred bodies are retrieved from this forest every year and many still do not know why people choose this lush forest as their final resting place. (red)


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