Marshanda’s Spirit of Life: I Want To See Sienna Have Children – Marshanda held a virtual press conference on Tuesday (14/6) giving an explanation regarding the breast tumor she had suffered since last year. Ben Kasyafani’s ex-wife explained when she first found out she had a breast tumor.

Marshanda said, initially there was a lump in the breast around the middle of 2021. Around August last year he went to the doctor and it was stated that the lump in the breast area was still in a safe stage.

“He said it was safe, I was indifferent but after a while I grew up. December 2021 I did an ultrasound at a hospital in the Central Jakarta area, I was told there was a tumor in December,” he said.

“There are several tumors on the right. There is a cyst in the left breast, do not do anything. On the right there are several tumors, one measuring 2.4 cm, the other measuring under 2.4 cm,” he added.

Marshanda started to worry because this year the lump in her breast continued to grow. He admitted that his tumor growth had doubled from last year.

“Finally I checked in Singapore. This tumor has a tendency to become cancerous but God willing will not become cancer. The size is huge,” he said.

Marshanda admits that she tries to think positively to always feel happy. Because when negative energy overwhelms her, the tumor in her breast can react.

“When I think negative, pessimistic, feel hopeless, he cringes. So now what I’m doing, I’m learning a kind of healing. All the ways I do, I definitely want to fight for life , “he explained

So far, Marshanda has not decided whether to remove the breast tumor. However, Sienna’s mother was advised to make the appointment by someone who also had the same experience. However, Marshanda admits that he will follow whatever is best in his life.

“The bottom line is if I need surgery, I have to have surgery. If I struggle to live, no matter what it is, I will. I want to fight for my life. I want to see Sienna have children. I have a passion for life,” he said