Members of the Police in Cirebon Circulate Illegal Drugs, Threatening Dozens of Years in Prison

JABARNEWS | CIREBON – A member of the Police was arrested by the Cirebon Police for distributing narcotics

Kapolres Cirebon Kota AKBP Fahri Siregar said that the police confiscated 11 items from the hands of the suspect, while 1,000 others had been sold.

“The arrest of members of the National Police is proof that we are not selective in carrying out our duties,” said Fahri in Cirebon, Saturday (3/12/2022).

He revealed the arrest of Bripda DAS after a video on one of the social media stated that those selling drugs were members of the National Police.

With the video, he continued, his party immediately ordered the Cirebon City Police Satnarkoba to conduct an investigation, and it turned out that the person concerned was a member of the Cirebon City Police Satnarkoba.

Forbidden Drugs
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