Minister of Religion Yaqut: Pesparani is a means for Catholics to build the nation – Minister of Religion Yaqut Cholil Qoumas hopes that the Catholic Church Choir Party (Pesparani) can be a means for Catholics to contribute to the development of the nation and state.

“This Pesparani can be a means of utilizing the values ​​of diversity and tolerance through the involvement of various religious communities in this event,” said the Minister of Religion when opening the second National Catholic Pesparani online in Kupang, Friday (28/10) night.

The Minister of Religion said that the implementation of the National Catholic Pesparani II, which had been delayed for two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, could take place this year in Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara Province. He said the National Catholic Pesparani II is a means of fostering and developing Indonesian Catholics as well as encouraging the development of church arts and culture with a local touch.

He hopes that, through the theme “Building True Brotherhood for Advanced Indonesia”, Pesparani can become a means for Catholics to contribute to nation building.

Through Pesparani, said the Minister of Religion, Catholics can show sportsmanship and creativity in appreciating the nation’s cultural arts which are embedded in traditions, customs, and music culture, as well as singing within the Catholic Church.

He is optimistic that Pesparani will be special and strengthen efforts to maintain Indonesianness in togetherness with adherents of other religions, as well as to realize the determination and mutual cooperation to maintain and care for human dignity.

“Through Pesparani, let us all celebrate the meaning of religious tolerance and moderation to continue to realize tolerance, equality and cooperation as three dimensions that form religious harmony,” he said.
The Minister of Religion said the cooperation, synergy, and collaboration of religious leaders, community leaders, and religious institutions from all religious institutions, including the Pesparani institution, to continue to maintain and preserve this diversity. He added that this hope must be realized because one of the important pillars of the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia is religion.

The Ministry of Religion also facilitates all religions in fostering and developing their religious activities, including Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran (MTQ) for Muslims, Pesparawi for Christians, Utsawa Dharma Gita for Hindus, and Muhaniti Loka Dhamma for Buddhists.

“We are proud that the Pesparani II event has become a media for collaboration of various religions, religious leaders, community leaders so that it becomes the glue of national unity and integrity in the midst of the continued behavior of various intolerant groups,” said Yaqut. Cholil Quumas.

He said the participation of the Pesparani II contingent from 34 provinces and gathering in Kupang would encourage people’s religious ways to be more tolerant without violence, respect culture, have a strong national commitment and provide positive energy. This, he said, would reflect the steadfastness of Catholics in their faith and their love for the nation and state.

He hopes that the Provincial Government of East Nusa Tenggara can gain economic growth from the Pesparani II event and feel a continuous positive impact. “We hope that there will be joy in competing and the beautiful memories of Pesparani II can inspire all contingents and supporters to continue to advance cultural arts in worship,” he said.

The General Chairperson of Kupang City Pesparani II Haji Jamal Ahmad said the Pesparani activity which was attended by nearly 2,800 participants from 34 provinces in Indonesia took place October 28-31 2022. The Pesparani activity in Kupang City not only involved Catholics but was also supported by people from across the globe. religion as a form of territory that upholds the spirit of religious tolerance.

As a Muslim figure who is also the former chairman of NU NTT, Haji Jamal Ahmad expressed his gratitude for the trust of Catholics to be the general chairman of the committee in this national-scale event.

The opening of Pesparani II was attended by the Chairperson of the Indonesian Bishops’ Conference (KWI) Monsignor Ignatius Cardinal Suharyo, East Nusa Tenggara Governor Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat, Deputy Governor Josef Nae Soi, NTT Police Chief Inspector General Jony Asadoma, as well as TNI and Polri officials and Acting Mayor. Kupang George Melkianus Hadjoh and Kupang Deputy Regent Jerry Manafe and tens of thousands of local Catholics.