Morocco’s success in the World Cup is also celebrated in Palestine and other Arab countries

Fans celebrate Morocco beat Portugal and reach World semifinals 2022 Cup (Jorge Saenz/AP)

batampos – Moroccans gathered in Casablanca and a number of other places on Saturday (10/12) evening to celebrate the success of their national team making history in the World Cup. Morocco successfully advanced to the semifinals of the 2022 World Cup after beating Portugal. Morocco became the first African country to reach the semifinals of the World Cup

There were also celebrations in the Arab world and in Europe after Morocco beat Portugal 1-0 in Qatar to become the first African or Arab team to reach the semi-finals of a World Cup. “What a team, what a stamina, what an achievement,” Ilham El Idrissi, a 34-year-old Casablanca woman, told AFP.

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He is not alone in praising the team nicknamed Atlas Lions who will face defending champions France for a place in the Qatar 2022 World Cup final. “I think I’m dreaming. Pinch me! What a great honor. I thank them from the bottom of my heart,” said Mouad Khairat, 29, an executive at the call center.

“The Moroccan team have managed to do the impossible. We want the trophy now,” he added

Grand celebrations at the final whistle of the game are customary throughout the kingdom. “Nothing is impossible in football, that’s the magic of this sport”, former Morocco international Abderrazak Khairi told AFP.

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Khairi scored twice in a shock 3-1 win over the same opponents, Portugal, at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. At that time, Morocco became the first African country to reach the knockout stages

No African or Arab nation made it past the quarter-finals. Cameroon in 1990, Senegal in 2002 and Ghana in 2010 barely qualified for the last four of the most prestigious tournament. “The Moroccan team has managed to do the impossible. We want trophies now,” said Ali Gyme, 24

In Casablanca, the “temple” of Moroccan football, people in national team shirts and red flags with green stars are everywhere in windows, stalls, markets. A giant mural showing Chelsea striker Hakim Ziyech and coach Walid Reragui, who has been likened to a national hero.

Reragui took charge of the team less than three months before the competition started after Vahid Halilhodzic was sacked.

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Beyond the borders of the kingdom, the success of the Moroccan team is also welcomed on the African continent and the Arab world. After the win over Spain, broadcaster Al Jazeera called a wave of euphoria across the Arab world.

“Cheers were heard from Tunis, Beirut, Baghdad, Ramallah and other cities as Arabs gathered to rejoice at the unexpected victory over Spain, in stark contrast to the political differences that have long divided Arab countries,” he said. . Qatar TV site.

On Saturday (10/12) evening, in East Jerusalem, Ramallah and Gaza, Palestinians celebrated with fireworks, cheers and honking of horns.

On the streets of Morocco, football fans waved Palestinian flags alongside theirs.

In Algeria, despite tensions with neighboring Morocco, football website DZfoot praised the Atlas Lions team. “Heroic, sensational. Congratulations, congratulations,” he said

In Paris, Moroccan fans flocked to the Champs Elysees, where France celebrated their World Cup victory, and exploded with joy at the final whistle.

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“This is a great pride for all Arab countries, for all of Africa,” said Maamar, 27, who waved a Moroccan flag but said he was originally Algerian.
“No matter what, we are already in the top four teams in the world,” he said

Dounia, 23, of French-Moroccan descent, said qualifying for the semifinals was a great achievement. “Today is also my birthday, I couldn’t come up with a better present,” he said

Waving Moroccan, Algerian, Syrian and Palestinian flags and singing in Arabic, jubilant soccer fans mingled with the tourists that thronged the iconic streets of the French capital on a chilly winter night. (*)



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