Nataru Traffic Flow in the City of Tebing Tinggi is bustling and smooth

JABARNEWS | TEBING HIGH – The 2022 Christmas holiday traffic flow in and out of Tebing Tinggi City, North Sumatra, was busy and smooth, Sunday (25/12/2022).

Based on field monitoring, the multi-dark toll gate leading to Tebing Tinggi City, the volume of vehicles is still normal. Only increased 15 percent from normal days.

The buildup of vehicles occurred at the Beo intersection, half of which was caused by railroad crossings so that vehicles slowed down and the intersection of vehicles heading to Pematangsiantar via Tebing Tinggi City.

Meanwhile, an increase in the volume of vehicles was also seen from the direction of Pematangsiantar towards the City of Tebing Tinggi. The density can be seen from the red light intersection in Tebing Tinggi City, but there is no traffic jam.

Head of the Tebing Tinggi Police Traffic Unit, AKP Dhoraria S Simanjuntak said, to anticipate congestion and traffic jams, the police are engineering traffic flow out of the toll road through the inner ring road to the Rambutan toll gate.

Traffic for Christmas celebrations on High Cliff was smooth. (ahmad).

“Traffic flow engineering really helps reduce the volume of vehicles at toll gate intersections,” he said

He said, if there is a buildup of vehicles around the Beo intersection. The police apply the One Way system, vehicles coming from the direction of Serdang Bedagai to Tebing Tinggi City are diverted via Jalan Kampung Keling.

“Engineering and diverting traffic flow really helps prevent the accumulation of vehicles in Tebing Tinggi City,” said Dhoraria. (crazy).

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