Nataya Diyandra Calysta, a child from back in the field who was accepted at Unnes, passed the International Class Selection

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Nataya Diyandra Calysta< /figcaption>

batampos– For rural children, being able to continue their education to universities, especially in state universities, is a blessing. Because so far the education of children in remote areas is often underestimated when compared to children who go to school on the mainland of Batam.

However, Nataya Diyandra Calysta solves the difficulties of rural children to enter state universities. The girl who was born in Behindpadang, Batam, managed to enter Semarang State University (Unnes) through the SNMPTN route in 2022. Nataya is one of the interior children who can enter college apart from rural children who have entered college before. Even though the girl who was born on April 30, 2004 was originally a high school graduate, Batam.

Not only that, after being accepted at Unnes, Nataya also successfully passed the international class selection at Unnes 2022. Nataya is one of 17 students accepted from 400 students who are competing to enter to international class. .

“Alhamdulillah, it is an honor for Nataya to be able to enter an international class management study program and join students from abroad, namely Kyrgyzstan and East Leste. One class only has 23 students and has a great opportunity to participate in student exchanges abroad,” said Nataya, Saturday (9/24/2022).

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Before passing the international class selection, Nataya admitted that she was slightly inferior to other students from big cities. The reason is, apart from studying English at school, Nataya admits that she only learns English from private lessons at home on the island where she lives. Meanwhile, he has to compete with students studying English at tutoring institutions whose quality is much better.

After studying hard and having a strong passion and determination to achieve success, Nataya was able to prove that rural children can also compete and excel. However, Nataya admitted that her success in achieving her dream of studying at a state university could not be separated from the guidance of her teachers and parents.

“Thank you to all the teachers at SDN 01, SMPN 01, SMAN 2, and also to the English tutor mam Hudayani who has guided me so that I can achieve my dreams,” he said. (*)