National Police Chief Sigit Inaugurates the Strengthening of the Korbrimob . Structure – National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo inaugurated the strengthening of the organizational structure of the Indonesian Police Mobile Brigade Corps (Korbrimob). The inauguration was carried out in a ceremony led by the National Police Chief at Mako Korbrimob, Kelapa Dua, Depok, West Java, Friday (10/6).

“We have just carried out the inauguration activities regarding the new Brimob Corps structure. Some time ago, the President was pleased to provide the Brimob Corps with structural and organizational strengthening,” said Sigit in his ceremony.

By strengthening the organizational structure, said Sigit, the Dankor Brimob Polri will be led by a three-star General or Commissioner General. Improvements to a higher level also occur in several organizational structures below it.

“In order for the Brimob Dankor to go up one level to three stars, the Brimob Wadankor gets two stars, and Karo becomes a Brigadier General and three troop commanders, Danpas I in Aceh, Danpas II in Kalimantan to be precise near IKN, and the third Danpas III is placed in Papua,” said Sigit.

The former Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police emphasized that the Brimob Corps is the ultimate unit that must always be deployed in important situations. As an example. such as facing all kinds of threats to high-escalation conditions.

Members of Brimob, said Sigit, will also be deployed to guard and secure the eight major events held in Indonesia. They need their role in ensuring the security and security situation remains conducive and safe.

“It is known that in the future we will hold many events after the Covid-19 pandemic. We will face the G-20 and need very extra security so that the event can run well,” said the former Banten Police Chief.

Not only that, Sigit emphasized that the role of the Mobile Brigade Corps is also needed in securing the national agenda in Indonesia. Including, the 2024 General Election to the formation of the New Autonomous Region (DOB) of Papua.

“And of course a series of processes for the Pilleg, Presidential and Regional Elections. Which we will soon be holding, and the stages have already started on June 14 tomorrow and this activity is carried out simultaneously. The development of new autonomous regions in Papua also needs extra security so that everything can run well, because it is done for the welfare of the Papuan people, “said Sigit.

With national agendas and international events, it is necessary to strengthen personnel to deal with potential disturbances in public security and order. “The National Police, especially the Mobile Brigade Corps, must be ready to be present to provide the best service with all their staff. So that the entire series of events can run smoothly and safely,” said Sigit

According to Sigit, with the creation of conducive kamtibmas conditions, the Police have provided concrete evidence to support the Government’s program in the context of national development towards national economic recovery (PEN).

“Because we certainly want to maintain what the President’s policies are, it is our transformation towards economic transformation that we must fight for and protect. Because the security and security situation is the key to economic growth. I congratulate the Mobile Brigade Corps. Keep the spirit, provide the best service,” concluded Sigit